Celebrating 60 Years of Whitewell


I cannot remember, even from my earliest recollection, a time in my life when Whitewell was not home for me. A church that almighty God decided to bring into existence, it was a tower of strength, a move of the Holy Spirit and a family. 

I came to Christ at the age of seven in this unique environment, hearing the word and believing it. Seeing first hand those things mentioned within the New Testament, lives being changed, and the reality of the power of God. Never needing the world or the things it had to offer, I had all I needed and more in Christ. 

Whitewell was never afraid of a challenge, holding Gospel Rallies and events in the King’s Hall, the Odyssey, Ravenhill rugby ground, football stadiums and leisure centres all across the land. It had a passion for souls. Tens of thousands are in the kingdom today through God’s purpose and plan for this house. 

I would like to take this opportunity to give my heartfelt thanks to Pastor James McConnell and the Whitewell congregation for their spiritual input into my life teaching me and demonstrating the reality of salvation and the depth of God’s love. 

Pastor David Murray