21 Dec

Bangor Sunday School moves to new premesis after 25 years

The closure of the Good Templar Hall in Bangor caused a bit of local press interest in our Bangor Sunday School.

The Bangor Sunday school, under the leadership of Stephen Hill, had been meeting in the hall for the last 25 years. In an article in the Co. Down Spectator, he recalled many of the events that had happened in the Bangor Area - the many gospel rallies the church had run within the Bangor council area - the need for temporary accomodation after a 1992 car bomb had damaged the Hall, and above all, the week by week sunday school, where hundreds, maybe thousands of children have passed through over the last 25 years, to worship the Lord Jesus, and to learn the scriptures.  It's a place where many have accepted Him as their own and personal Saviour, and found the gift of eternal life.

So on behalf of the Tabernacle here we also want to thank the staff at the Council and particularly those who have looked after the Good Templar Hall and helped enable us to hold Sunday School in that location for so long.

The Sunday School now returns to its roots in Hamilton House where it first started nearly 30 years ago, back in 1986, and hopefully in September 2016 will move to the new complex.