08 Dec

Over 200 food hampers distributed

Just over 22 years ago, a group of Teachers from our East Belfast Sunday School saw a need - a local family who needed the help of a food hamper. Between them they made up the hamper and gave it to the family.

That was the start. Since then the food hamper ministry has grown. Hampers are now given out when the need arises all year round, but especially at Christmas time, when around 200 hampers are distributed by this important ministry.

This year was no different. Walking into Church earlier this week I was able to see see hamper after hamper, all made up, ready for distribution. All the hampers were coded with numbers, not names - privacy and dignity are so important in this ministry.  The final stage of delivering them to the people in need at this season now takes place.

On behalf of the all the members of the Tabernacle can we thank the team: Jewel, Audrey, Clair, Julie, the drivers Graham, David and David, Ian who provided the storage, and the many others who have helped this year.

And so another year of helping families begins to draw to a close. The warehouse, once full, is now back to empty shelves, and another year of collecting food for the hampers begins.

If you want to help this ministry, check out our church bulletin each week. It has a food item that you can buy for the hamper ministry and there are areas in the church foyer each week where they can be left.