07 Dec

Christmas Dinner Comes early for our Senior Members

Saturday 5th December may have marked the official start of the Christmas period for our Senior Members as over 250 of them were treated to a special Christmas lunch in the Minor Hall.  With Vegetable Soup,  Turkey and Ham, and of course a choice of trifle, Christmas pudding and ice cream sundae there was plenty of food for all.

After all the eating was over there was also a bit of entertainment with the, Dad's Army gang from the Church including our every own Elvis - Mr Bobby Moon, violinist Raymond McClure and solost Jill Scroggie.   With the programme completed, it was then time for Santa to make his customary appearance.

Each person left with a goodie bag containing some of the essentials a senior citizen might just appreciate, Tea Bags, Shortbread, Chocolates and more besides.

All in all it was a great afternoon of fellowship, and a way for us younger folks to say a big thank you to the older members. You are all highly valued and we appreciate the years of service you have given, and continue to give,  to the Lord, and to this local Church.

And also, while we are thanking all those who attended the dinner, can we also mention all those who helped at the dinner - in the catering, the serving and the programme which followed. Thank you one and all.