12 Aug

Blaze trip to Durham

Last week 22 young people from the Well spent a week in Durham in North East England serving God on their annual mission trip.

The team as split into four differnet sections, each serving God in different way. Firstly there was a team working alongside the church we were partnering with, Kings Church Durham, in their church kids club. They spent each day doing crafts, games and Bible stories with the kids, and they were privileged to share God's love with the children.

The second group was working with a team in a local estate. They spent their day playing with the local kids, visiting older people, doing litter picks, basically sharing God with people in any way they could.

A third group made up of just two people spent their week at a youth week, on different estate, called Laurel Avenue. It was not a Christian youth group, rather they went to be Christians there, and to share the good news of the gospel.

Finally there was a fourth group which was involved in creative evangelism. This group went into Durham city centre every day and shared the gospel with people, and they often spent their afternoons gardening or doing practical jobs for people, while some members of the team shared God's good news with the homeowner.

It was a brilliant week away in Durham, the team really enjoyed it and God really blessed every effort that was made. To God be the Glory.