05 May

GB Display 2015

It’s been a busy week for the 230th GB company, starting with our annual display and prize giving night on 23rd April.

Those in attendance watched the girls of all ages taking part in this year’s display which was themed as “Superheroes”

From the younger members who competed in obstacle races, and choral speaking, to the older ones who, considering those heroes who protect us, dressed as army personnel performed a marching sequence. All the items were introduced by our narrators who told the story as if set in a classroom scene.

It wasn’t just the girls who took the stage – this year the leaders took the floor also with their own special sketch! The night’s performance closed on a more series and spiritual note with the oldest girls performing a drama named “my hero” portraying the Lord Jesus as the real superhero. After the performances were all completed, of course there was the matter of prize-giving and it was lovely again to see so many girls who had worked hard throughout the year.


If the Thursday display wasn’t enough for our still new GB captain and her leaders, on Sunday afternoon the Tabernacle GB also hosted the annual district parade for GB District 3. Approximately 280-300 girls, leaders and officers left Loughside carpark lead by the 3rd Newtownabbey BB Band, to parade the short distance to Whitewell for a 3pm service.

To finish the GB year off Party Night for all was Tuesday 28th April with Ladybirds and Explorers enjoying a FROZEN sing-along puppet show with balloon modelling and glitter tattoos and of course party bags. The Juniors, Seniors, Brigaders (and some leaders) had a eighties Roller skating disco with neon Tutu and nail paint and finishing of the night with Dominos pizza and ice-cream. A night of fun and laughter by all.

Once again we want to thank all our GB leaders for the hard work they put in year after year under captain Lynn Meldrum, and also thank all the girls who attend faithfully week after week. We look forward to another great year with the GB next year.