09 Jan

Week of Prayer

Monday 12th January to Friday 16th January is a week of prayer at the Tabernacle.

  • Monday Night:       Prayer Meeting  @ 8pm
  • Tuesday Night:       Prayer Meeting  @ 8pm
  • Wednesday Night:  Bible Study        @ 8pm
  • Thursday Night:     Prayer Meeting   @ 8pm
  • Friday Night:          Prayer Meeting  @ 8pm

As we enter into 2015 there’s much that we need to pray for.   There are personal needs -  including some of our congregation and many others outside who are facing difficult circumstances and serious illnesses. Many of us have friends and family members who are still outside the kingdom of God.

In this week of prayer we also want to remember wider needs:  First and foremost let’s bring to the Lord the work of this Church as we reach out again in 2015 to bring the gospel message to those in our city and country. Let’s not forget the two foreign missions we have and support, in Kenya and Ethiopia. Let’s remember all those who physically can’t make it to the Tabernacle but feel part of this local church –people who, week after week, rely on our internet stream as their means of worshipping with us.  Then there’s all the ministries associated with the Tabernacle – from all the youth ministries, to those helping our older members.

Last but not least, let’s also pray for our country at this time, and for Christians all over the world who are in difficult circumstances, maybe facing persecution.

Let’s begin 2015 in prayer. Maybe you can’t make it to the Tabernacle here because of illness or distance. If you can’t why not join us by setting aside time each night from Monday 12th January and let’s pray for the Lord’s blessing in 2015.