23 Dec

Thank you online viewers

I know there's more to be said as we exit 2014 and move into 2015, but as we head to the Christmas holiday period and move towards the new year we want to say thanks, on behalf of all the pastors and staff of the Metropolitan Tabernacle, to all of you who listen and watch live week after week, those who watch on-demand regularly and follow what the Lord Jesus is doing with this local Church and it's congregation here in Belfast.

Thanks also to our Technical Crew - there's around 15 technical crew who are involved in every Sunday service - our Sound, Lighting, Camera and graphics operators, Vision Engineers - who week after week make it all happen technically, most of whom are volunteers and give of their time to this ministry. We appreciate all the work they do.

We particularly want to thank those of you who pray for the online ministry regularly and who support us financially online. There is a core group of you who really help this ministry to be the success that it is by your prayers and support. Some of you we know by name, others we don't but we thank you one and all.

Sometimes it's difficult to assess how God is continuing to use our online ministry to reach out to others, but here are just some comments we have received via just one of our means of contact -  comments on justgiving.

"You are such a blessing - the pastors, the choir, the congregation etc. So good to connect live with you on Sundays and Wednesday Bible Study. Love you all lots."

"Our family in Telford & Nottingham are still being blessed by the ministry of the pastors from Whitewell. Thank you and we pray Gods richest blessings on you all."

"You're one of my lifelines as not able to get out to worship with local congregation because of my husband's dementia.You are now my church. Relieved when able to connect up with you again on internet"

"Just so love the church, and James I will never get tired of your preaching. You are anointed by God."

"We continue to enjoy the messages and the singing. We can't help but sense the Lord's presence."

And all we here at the Church can add is - to God be all the glory.

So thank you all, and we trust that you have a great Christmas and will continue to be blessed and encouraged by our online output in 2015.