22 Nov

GB and Scouts enrolment 2014

Sunday Morning 16th November was our Scouts and GB Enrolment service.

It's always impressive to see a section of the ground floor all taken up by young people and their leaders wearning the Scouts and GB Uniform.  At the Whitewell Church the organisations themselves are not just about equipping young people for adulthood. That is vitally important. However they also aim to use that time together as an opportunity to present Jesus Christ to the young people, and equip them to live Christian lives in front of their peers at school or college.

No enrolment service would be complete without several items from the young people themselves. Both GB and Scouts took part.



Over recent years it has been our Youth Pastor, Mark Penny who has brought the message at the enrolment service. This year, our newly appointed youth worker, Michael Frazer ably took the responsibility of bringing Gods Word to the congregation in a way that could reach young and old alike. You can of course watch the full service on demand.

Thanks also goes to all our Scout and GB Leaders, and particularly to Lynn Meldrum and to Rab and Liz McClean for their continued leadership of the GB and Scouts, and last but certainly not least to Lisa Bailie and Emma Millar for looking after both Scouts and GB choirs.