14 Nov

Thank You Befrienders

Thank you Befrienders for being part of our Church!   This was the message that closed off our Befrienders night 2014.

Monday 10th November 2014 was a night to celebrate and give thanks for a key ministry in the Whitewell Church which reaches and helps many disabled people both inside and outside our Church.

The programme included the befrienders choir, and of course the offering hymn was again played by befrienders member William.

There are so many stories that could be told of members who have been helped by the ministry it would be impossible to tell them all on a single night, but a number of testimony videos were shown.

It was also a night to give thanks to befrienders founder and former leader Terry Fairfowl as earlier this year she handed the leadership of the Befrienders over to her long-time second in command, Jim Bailie, in order to concentrate on the work in Kenya. It was an opportune time for Terry to reflect on her time at the helm, interviewed about her feelings about the befrienders by Jim.

The night also included music from Amy Roberts and the Calderwood Sisters, and a classic monologue from Chris Maguire.

Part of the night was devoted to what the Befrienders ministry is currently doing elsewhere.   The congregation were able to hear more about Befrienders for Disabilities, a new registered charity set up to help those who are disabled, particularly focusing on the work in Kenya, and on the subject of Kenya, an encouraging 15 minute video report was shown. This is available on the Kenya page.

The programme closed with new Befrienders leader Jim Bailie thanking everyone for their effort during the year to support the Befrienders ministry and he also took the opportunity to continue to ask for volunteers to assist in the ministry, particularly as bus drivers, in order to be able to bring our befriender members out to church.

Finally our Senior Pastor, David Purse, reminded all the befrienders that they were an integral part of the church, and re-iterated his comments that if we as a church are to reach the city of Belfast for the Lord Jesus – that we need to reach out to every part of it, and that included all sections of our community, and both able bodied and disabled people.

You can watch the whole service in our On Demand section.