10 Oct

A great Saturday at our Women's conference

On Saturday 4th November our bi-annual Abide conference for women was again in action. This year's keynote speaker was Jill Briscoe. Jill,  together with her husband, has been in full-time ministry for many years. She has authored over 40 books and has had a wealth of ministry experience which she was able to use to great effect.

Each of the main services began and ended with a time of worship with the Well Band, and it was trememdous to hear all the ladies worshipping along together.

In addition to the morning and evening sessions, there were 6 break-out seminars, covering a wide range of topics, from Callum Webster from the Christian Instute looking at the subject "Gospel Freedom under attack", and Desi Maxwell from xplorations ministry looking at the tabernacle and its vivid imagary of the plan of Salvation.


Over 200 women attended the all-day conference. It wasn't all serious teaching though. There was still time to take in the marketplace, set up in the minor hall, and of course a snack breakfast and a lunch was included.


A special thanks to all who attended the conference, to our Keynote speaker Jill Briscoe, to all our seminar speakers: Desi Maxwell, Charles Purse, Jennifer Bailie, Callum Webster, James McKeown, Jill Briscoe, to the Well Band, to all who helped organise prepare and serve the breakfast and lunch, to the technical (sound, video and lighting) crew, and last but not least to Ellen Brown and the team who organized the event.