02 Jun

Pastor McConnell visits home of Belfast house attack

Pastor McConnell has visited the home of two Pakistani men, aged 24 and 38, after both were assaulted at their property at Parkmount Street on Sunday. The house the men live in was targeted when a bottle was thrown through the living room window.

The pastor, who has been embroiled in a storm regarding recent comments about Islam, has told the men that he is appalled by the incident and explained that there is “no justification for such an attack on any individual or their home whatever their religion”.

The pastor sympathised with Muhammad Asif Khattak and his friend and offered to help pay for the damage which was caused to his home. To those responsible Muhammad said “You have to accept us – we are the people who are contributing to society. If you look to New York, if you look to California, if you look to London, every second person is an ethnic minority group”.

A graduate of tourism and hospitality, Muhammad was very gracious to Pastor McConnell and associate pastor David Purse who accompanied the pastor. A very profitable discussion took place about how the pastor has reached out to all sides of this community for over 60 years and he will continue to do so. He also offered help to Muhammad and his colleague in the future if they required it.