16 Apr

GB Display - Mission Impossible becomes Mission Accomplished 

Our annual GB Display took place on Thursday 11 April, and the girls produced an exceptional night of activity as well as bringing a thought-provoking message.

Our 230th Girls Brigade Company, is, of course, now well established in this area of North Belfast under the leadership of captain, Lynn Meldrum. Certainly, there was a most creative and original theme to this year’s proceedings, entitled Mission Impossible. 

A young girl (played by Holly Lee) had a dream about becoming a special agent tasked with collecting information from contacts, then trying to find a solution to the problems of this world. It soon became a puzzle for the special agent with one vital piece in the puzzle missing. That missing piece was Jesus. 

Mission Impossible, therefore, was trying to solve the matters of life without Jesus. The ultimate message was that once we receive Jesus into our hearts, sin is defeated, and it becomes Mission Accomplished. The excellent idea kept everyone interested.

During the evening, the watching parents and friends also got to see Choral speaking from our Explorers and Parachute games from the Ladybirds. The Seniors/Brigaders provided PE, while the Juniors went on parade showing off their marching skills. Bootcamp followed, a fitness routine by the Explorers and there was singing involving our Brigaders, associates and leaders. The final piece of drama called Mighty Cross depicted the beating, crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus. 

The motto of the Girls brigade is to “seek, serve and follow Christ” and, thanks to the efforts of Lynn Meldrum and her officers and helpers, many young girls are choosing to do so. 

A big congratulations to all who took part and helped support the annual display.