30 May

Tabernacle silenced by hackers

On Sunday May 18 Pastor James McConnell preached a message entitled – The sermon ministers will not be able to preach in the future. It was a message with reference Islam and political correctness in general. It was a message primarily about the one mediator, the man Christ Jesus.

Just over a week later, a group called Izzah Hackers tweeted the following around 7pm on Wednesday 28 May – “TANGO DOWN” Anti Islam anti Muslim Pastor James McConnell’s Metropolitan Tabernacle”, a mention to the fact that our church website had been taken down by Islamic hackers.

We are living in an politically correct society, one which wants to beat people into submission who have an opinion; yet the events of the past few weeks proves how there are other radical forces, too, who want to stop the truth being preached at all costs.

We therefore wish to make it clear that our Church website was not removed by our church for any reason. We have nothing to hide. We preach Jesus Christ and Him crucified and we are not ashamed of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and will continue to exalt His lovely name.

The attack remains ongoing. We have put in place a number of pieces of technology to help deal with it. It is likely however that some service interruptions will continue to occur while additional actions are taken. This will particularly affect our on-demand and live stream and we ask for your patience and prayers over these next few days.