02 Jan

Watch Night Service On New Years Eve

We had a great night at our New Year's Eve Service at Whitewell which included an amazing testimony from an online viewer from Israel who came to know the Lord Jesus watching our online ministry. (The on-demand Watch Night Service will be available week commencing 7th January.)

Pastor David Purse's text for New Year was -  "You have not passed this way before." Joshua 3:4

Israel stood at the river Jordan about to cross over into the promised land. They had never been there before and what they would encounter was unknown.

But the God who had freed them from Egypt and had brought them through the Red Sea and defeated their enemies would be the same God who would be with them when they cross over the Jordan.

We have just crossed the threshold of midnight into the unknown of 2019. Any walled cities, Giants or enemies, battles or trials, we are more than able for the unchanging mighty God who brought us through 2018 who hasn't changed and He will make us victorious in 2019.

We had a blessed night in the presence of the Lord. Happy New Year to all our members and friends.