09 Oct

Abide 2018 - Now is the Time

Saturday 6th October saw our bi-annual Women's conference, Abide, taking place in our youth centre auditorium.

With 7 different speakers, including 6 seminars and two main events, all those attending were treated to a great selection of preaching, teaching, and information - on subjects ranging from the very personal, including bringing up our children in the faith, to looking at the big issues of today's world, including secularism, the rise of Islam, gender identities, the persecuted church, and much besides.

The day began and ended with everyone together, with worship from the well band and a message from Carol Herron.  Carol, who has for much of her life been a missionary, had a tremendous insight on God's word in the 21st century as she spoke first on "Now is the time", and at the closing event looked at the subject of the times surrounding Christ's second coming.

Between the two events were the 6 seminars, three sessions each with a choice of two seminars, and of course the day was liberally sprinkled with teas, coffees, breakfast and lunch.

The well band led the worship both morning and evening, and two extra musical items were appreciated by all the women - Rebecca Hanley who ministered in the morning, and Kezia Montgomery who performed a moving monologue as she told the story of one of the Christians being held in prision for her faith, before singing a solo piece.

There were a few men who sneaked in for the day - a couple in the band, three from tech crew, and a few who helped make and serve the food - but apart from those it was a female-only day and one that was much enjoyed by all who attended.