02 Oct


Last weekend’s Sunday services marked the period known as the Harvest Festival which is celebrated by singing, praying and decorating our churches with fruits and food baskets.

It reminds Christians of all the good things God has given them, and the Tabernacle proved no exception last Sunday morning and evening.

Thanks to the efforts of our head deacon Derek McIveen and his willing team of volunteers the church looked splendid with a multitude of colours and food baskets on display. The pulpit was adorned with a stunning floral design, while even the fountain at the front of the church had a variety of fruits and vegetables and beautiful plants covering it.

At morning worship, Senior Pastor David Purse spoke about two kinds of harvest, while at the evening service he addressed the subject of good and bad seed and the end of the age.

Huge feasts traditionally are shared among family and friends during the Harvest Festival or Thanksgiving period, but in more recent years the festival has become about sharing with those less fortunate than ourselves or raising money for charity.

To this end, all of the fruits and food for this year's celebration at the Tabernacle are being donated to worthwhile causes and charities in the city following a significant clean-up operation at the church on Monday 1 October. 

Our thanks to everyone who helped make last Sunday such a special occasion, especially those who laboured and the members of our church who gave so generously to help provide the fruit and food baskets which produced such spectacular surroundings.