20 Aug

Pastor McConnell @ cottonwood church

Pastor McConnell, accompanied by Pastor Michael Bunting and Norman Hobson, travelled to preach at Cottonwood Church California on Thursday 16 August and during his whistle-stop three-day visit he estimates that no fewer than 300 people accepted Christ.

The Whitewell Church and Cottonwood church and their Pastors have been friends for some years now, and it was around this time last year that we were delighted to have Pastors Bayless and Harrison Conley in Belfast for our Alive 2017 event.

Speaking at several events to crowds of over 3000 people, the pastor preached on Saturday evening about Shammah, the man who guarded the lentil patch, while early Sunday morning he spoke about two contrite cowards, and whether someone can remain a secret disciple, and later addressed the subject of the catching away of the saints.

Pastor returns to Belfast on Tuesday 21 August. Watch some video footage of the trip here.