10 Aug

Alive Belfast 2018

Top preacher all set for Alive Belfast 2018

The main speaker at this year’s Alive Belfast event will visit Northern Ireland for the first time in his ministerial career and says he’s ready to “preach up a storm” when the conference gets under way in a few weeks time. Check out what he has to say as he speaks to Whitewell's John McCreedy.

Earlier this week, Bill Vanderbush commented “The truth is I wish it were today. I feel we could start right now. There’s been a passion stirring in my heart for the past couple of months about what God is going to do in Belfast, and I can’t wait to arrive.”

Bill and his wife, Traci, currently travel, speaking in conferences and churches around the world, as well as serving at Community Presbyterian Church in Celebration, Florida, where Bill is a Pastor. The evangelical preacher, who arrives on Friday 7 September for the 5-day event says he’s excited not only about coming to Northern Ireland but also visiting the Metropolitan Tabernacle.

“I love preaching to hungry people, and I sense a genuine hunger in the people of the Tabernacle. Just meeting with the pastoral staff and watching some of the services online shows how passionate for Jesus you guys are and when that sort of hunger is present God always shows up.”

Bayless and Harrison Conley, who spoke at last year’s Alive, will prove a hard act to follow, but Bill says he’s expecting a real move from the Holy Spirit when the event kicks off on 8th September.

Vanderbush, a Pastor for 25 years, grew up on the mission field, travelling all over the world and seeing thousands impacted by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He has spoken previously in the Republic of Ireland, but this will be his first visit north of the border. In fact, Bill impressed so much on a prior trip to the Republic and Cork he received the invitation to speak at this year’s Alive Belfast engagement.  

 “I can’t predict what will happen or even what I’m going to speak on at this point, but I know God has laid a strong message on my heart for Belfast this year, and it’s exciting,” says Bill.   

For more than 30 years, Bill's Dad, Henry Vanderbush, had a powerful evangelistic ministry across the Midwest that called people to count the cost, and lay down their lives for Jesus. Bill credits his dad’s example as the main reason why he decided to follow in his ministerial footsteps.

Bill’s consuming passion is to introduce people to the resurrection power of Jesus Christ, Who saves, heals, and sets us free. Just one look at his weekly schedule of preaching appointments and travel commitments is proof of his dedication to the gospel and His Saviour Jesus Christ. The Florida based pastor, who serves alongside William Lewis and another well-known evangelist, Neil Rhodes, says he enjoys empowering others to invade the impossible.

Meanwhile, the Community Presbyterian Church where Bill serves is located in Celebration, Florida, near Walt Disney World and the church offers weekly worship services, from traditional to contemporary and exciting ministries for adults, youth and children.

The clue to the passion of the church is in the name - Community Presbyterian Church. It’s a work that reaches out to post-modern culture, teaching God’s Word to both “seasoned saints” and “new seekers.” 

The South Orlando based ministry currently has around 800 members representing people of all backgrounds, Christian traditions and denominations, while Bill and Traci have two grown children, Britain and Sara.


Alive Belfast takes place from 8TH-12TH September. Saturday’s meeting is in the McConnell Youth Complex at 7.45pm. The Sunday event takes place at 6:45 pm while Monday to Wednesday meetings commence at 7.45pm.

Watch this space for further updates in the weeks leading up to the event.