01 Aug

Shipwrecked! Our Holiday Bible Club 2018

About 50 leaders are re-covering after being shipwrecked at our 2018 Bible Week.

With an average of 140-150 children attending each day, they were kept busy with activities including

Bible Adventures

Arts and crafts,Kidvid, Games and

Song and dance

 Children were fuelled each day by an amazing lunch provided by ladies of our congregation: A massive thank you to each person who helped.

This year children were asked to support children in Venezuela, and we are delighted to be able to donate a total of £300.

On the Thursday of our week, the children were very excited to see and to be allowed to touch the reptiles, and creepy-crawlies from the Amazon Jungle Show.

At the end of yet another very enjoyable Bible Week, we know of 23 children who showed a desire to become a Christian.

We thank God for this and for the fantastic week we had. If you haven't already seen the video summary of the week check it out here.

Continue to pray for the children!