12 May

Khulula Swaziland Children's Choir thrills the Whitewell people

There was hardly a dry eye in the house last Sunday evening as the Swaziland Children’s Choir worshipped with a swagger and testified to the goodness of God in their lives. People wept openly at stories of how many of the children had been rescued by Challenge Ministries and given great hope through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

No fewer than sixteen members of the choir had made the long trip from Hawane Farm Swaziland to embark on a tour of Northern Ireland and they were clearly awe-struck by the surroundings of the Metropolitan Tabernacle sanctuary.

Before they performed, Gary Armstrong from Newtownards Elim ministry, who coordinated their Northern Ireland tour, commented “The children have been appearing in lots of churches but to get the opportunity to sing in what is still regarded as “the jewel in the crown” of Ulster gospel preaching churches is such a great experience for the children”.

Nevertheless, it was the children who impressed more, many of whom have grown up under the care of Challenge Ministries. They brought together their beautiful voices and traditional Swazi dances and shared their heart for their homeland and God's goodness in their lives.

Dressed in colourful robes, the children chose a mixture of traditional hymns and songs from their homeland. During the lively and uplifting presentation, the director of Challenge Ministries Kevin Ford thanked the Metropolitan Tabernacle leadership for the opportunity to sing and perform and also thanked Almighty God for the amazing transformations which have taken place in many of the children’s lives.

As they left the platform singing and dancing to make way for the word of God the Whitewell people gave them a rousing round of applause and let’s hope it’s not the last visit to Northern Ireland by this delightful group of children.