06 Jul

Summer fire conference speaker to visit Whitewell church

International evangelist and speaker, Pastor Claude Houde, who impressed at this year’s Summerfire Conference in Cork, is being lined up to speak at the Metropolitan Tabernacle next year.

Pastor Houde is lead and founding Pastor of a church which has grown to over 4,000 members in Montreal and he has already ministered in over 35 countries. He’s currently president of the French World Christianity Association and Chairman of the Board of the French-World Theological Institute. The French-speaking pastor has also written several books and is passionate about justice, mercy, evangelism and the raising up of ardent followers of Christ.

According to Pastor David Purse, Claude Houde has provisionally accepted an offer to preach in Belfast next year. Commented Pastor David this week: “We’ve discussed a possible visit with him, and he seems open to the likelihood of visiting the Tabernacle shortly. Once dates are checked and suitable, we should be in a position to confirm and announce this exciting visit to the congregation.”

Pastor Claude Houde, however, was just one of some excellent preachers taking part at this year’s Summerfire event, which first began way back in 1995. Located in an idyllic and tranquil setting beside the beach in East Cork, Trabolgan Holiday Village, there was plenty of fire on display with anointed preaching by various speakers, including our Senior Pastor, David Purse and former Senior Pastor, James McConnell. Both had received an invitation from Pastor Nick Cassidy and our friends in Cork to the weeklong event which took place during a glorious spell of weather from 22-29 June.

In addition to Pastor Claude Houde, this year’s convention incorporated well-known speakers and evangelists’ such as Pastor Gary Wilkerson, Colorado USA, Pastor Jay Fallon, United Kingdom, and Pastor Nick Cassidy who shepherds the church at Cork.

Held in a vast marquee, Pastor David Purse spoke on Monday morning at 10 a.m. at the Men’s breakfast on the subject: Behold the Man, and his message went down well with the many men who had turned up to the event. Next up was Pastor McConnell at midday and he brought an equally powerful message on the subject of Ichabod (Where is the glory?).  Pastor Michael Bunting, who travelled with Pastor David and Pastor McConnell to the conference said: “Pastor David was excellent and gave a great word in the morning, while Pastor McConnell was also inspired speaking of how God wants us to return to the old paths to rediscover His presence.” Added Pastor Michael: “It was a great week of preaching and teaching, and we were extremely blessed and appreciative of the invitation from the church at Cork and their tremendous hospitality.”

Pastor David Purse also got the opportunity to address a large gathering of young people at 11:30 p.m. and was delighted with the response. “I’ve never preached as late as that, but it was a great experience to witness so much hunger for the things of God in so many young people. It was a great few days, and I would encourage people to think about attending next year’s event which is already in preparation.”

Details of next year’s Summerfire Conference are on the website at Cork Church, but watch this space for further details of the visit of Pastor Claude Houde to the Tabernacle.