15 Jun

Dedication pays off as Melissa gets top GB recognition

The 230th Girls’ Brigade Company at Whitewell is bursting with pride after one of its officers gained the post of Assistant District Commissioner of District 3 for GB Northern Ireland.

Melissa Meldrum, who has been a GB girl from the age of 3, is delighted by the honour to assist the GB over the next year.  Melissa says the voluntary post is an excellent opportunity to be used a light for the Lord within the district.

“I am truly honoured to have been selected to the position of Assistant District Commissioner of District 3. Last year was only my first as an officer age 20, being a sub officer from I was 17,” commented a delighted Melissa this week.

The motto of the Girls’ Brigade is “Seek, Serve and Follow Christ”. The aim is to help girls become followers of the Lord Jesus Christ and through self-control, reverence and a sense of responsibility to find enrichment of life.

Melissa added “I prayed before deciding to take the position as my mum taught me from a young age to pray about everything before making decisions. I believe God has opened a door for me to further His kingdom.”

Melissa’s mum Lynn Meldrum happens to be our current GB Captain having served the Whitewell Company since 1999 and served as Captain since 2012. With God’s help, the membership of the Whitewell GB has increased to over 86 girls this year, and Lynn is naturally immensely proud of her daughter’s achievement.

“Like any mother, I’m extremely proud of Melissa. I’ve watched her become a sub officer and then full officer but to be given the honour of Assistant District Commissioner of District 3 at just 21 is very encouraging.”

Added Lynn “Melissa is a GB girl through and through and strongly believes in the work of the organisation which is spreading the gospel for the extension of God’s kingdom, It’s also exciting for us to get recognised by the district.”

It’s certainly a big year for Melissa to take up her appointment as this is the 125th Anniversary at GB NI – and Melissa will be heavily involved in a praise service this September.  

She says, “Everyone is excited about the anniversary. The assistant commissioners of district 1 and 2 and I are coming together to plan the praise event, and I’m looking forward immensely to this time.”

Senior Pastor of the Tabernacle, David Purse is highly delighted with Melissa’s achievement. He commented: “We are extremely proud of Melissa and don’t take this honour lightly. It is a great responsibility, but I believe one she can handle.”

The Bible speaks of “Honour to whom it is due”, and Melissa’s dedication to the GB has more than paid off.

A university student studying Politics and Criminology; she is currently torn between careers in politics or specialising in criminology about child protection. Whatever choice she makes, however, talented Melissa is sure to shine in the same way she has brought considerable esteem to the GB at Whitewell.

Our warmest congratulations go to Melissa, her mum Lynn and the entire 230th brigade.