04 Jun

Whitewell Metropolitan Tabernacle Sunday Schools

The Whitewell Metropolitan Tabernacle currently has six Sunday Schools; in Whitewell, Carrickfergus, Ballyclare, Newtownards, East Belfast and Shankill Road attended by over 200 children, the majority of whom are transported in via the church minibuses driven by the teachers.

Many of the 25 teachers meet quarterly for a time of collective prayer for the souls not only of the children in their care but also their families, many of whom never regularly attend church.

Alan Cartwright who is the leader in Ballyclare Sunday School was recently appointed as the Superintendent with oversight over all the Tabernacle’s Sunday Schools. He said:

“When you are working in a local Sunday School with a small group of children there may be a tendency to sometimes feel a bit isolated so it’s a great opportunity for us all to gather once a year for an annual Sunday School Open Day in the McConnell Youth Centre when we can enjoy fellowship and see the wee ones performing on stage. The kids really enter into the joint worship and the Youth Worker Stephen Campbell always brings a short but heartfelt lesson that totally engages the children. “

“It’s my hope that many of the youngsters in our classes will so enjoy the experience that they will sign up for the annual Holiday Bible Club in the Youth Centre which is organised every August by Muriel Welsh, the leader of our East Belfast school and her team of faithful volunteers.”

The names of the Sunday School teachers in the above picture are: Back row (L to R) Alan Cartwright, Janice Young, Karen Neal and Gary Shanks. Front row (L to R) Christine Gordon, Stephanie Sterritt and Lynne Shanks.

Recent years have proven very challenging to Sunday Schools all across our nation with the increase of activities on the Lord’s Day to attract and draw children away to other pursuits such as shopping with their families, swimming at the Leisure Centres, going to the cinema, playing sports and a host of other activities.

Alan is also very conscious of what he sees as “an aggressive attack by the enemies of the gospel on the minds of our young people in many schools. In most, if not all schools, children are taught Evolution as a matter of fact, many no longer hold school assemblies with Christian prayer and worship and some schools are happily introducing literature at pre-school and infant level which runs contrary to Christian beliefs”.

With this in mind Alan is currently planning a few Outreach events over the summer in some of the local housing estates in Ballyclare to recruit more children and boost the numbers of the most vulnerable in our society who need to hear that they need a Saviour and that Jesus loves them and died for their sins.

If you are interested in helping Alan and his team of faithful volunteers in this valuable work, either by assisting with a class, playing a musical instrument or driving a bus, please contact him at 07936 937676 and he will be delighted to hear from you.