11 May

Girls Brigade Company Display 2018

Our Girls' Brigade Company held their annual display/ awards night on Thursday, 26th April and to give them their full title as the 230th Metropolitan Tabernacle Girls' Brigade, It was their 48th annual display since their commencement in 1970.  In the past 50 decades they have maintained a constant Christian witness reaching young girls throughout all those years since the early pioneers, Valerie Stewart, Evelyn Purse, Margaret McConnell and Lillian McTernaghan gathered together their first girls to form their company.

Lillian McTernaghan is the current Chaplain and is the link between the Church and the Company; she provides support and encouragement to the Captain, all officers, leaders and girls. Lillian also is a regular visitor on a Tuesday night as she teaches the scripture course to the oldest girls in the company; the Brigader section and well remembers all those years ago, when girls from the company some of whom can still be seen in and around the church, provided a Guard of Honor at her wedding to Pastor William.

Today the girls are under the leadership of Captain Lynn Meldrum. Lynn and her team of Officers and helpers are responsible for the planning and organising of their display and making sure all goes according to plan.

After the opening hymn and prayer, the display kicked off with the reading of a quote from Ecclesiastes 3:1 which simply explained and introduced this year’s theme: - Seasons in Time.

The scene is set and we see four fun characters that meet up in a café and have a bit of a laugh discussing time, the Seasons and the weather and end up reminiscing about past seasons, rainy times and the sunshine times of their lives.

Everything was discussed from learning to be on time by watching the junior section ‘Keeping Time” marching to the beat with Justin Timberlake to remembering being kids and playing outside like the little Ladybirds section dressed in their coats and Wellie Boots “Going on a Bear Hunt”, which of course their parents were made to experience also.

We saw girls dancing to “Singing in the Rain”, while others were bopping along “Walking on Sunshine” and the Explorers tried to “Beat the Clock “in their team games.

The Seniors and Brigaders finished the display as they performed a dramatic and quite an emotional finale piece: - Flight GB 230-18.  We quickly flew with them on a “Summer Holiday” but soon ended up “Stepping into Tragedy”.

The whole night was summed up reminding us that Time, can and will run out!

ARE WE READY? That was the thought we were left with, one day we all will have to give an account to God about what each of us has done with the Time He has given us and what we have done with His Son the Lord Jesus who out of love gave His own life for each one of us.

A big thanks to all the girls for a great night, which was enjoyed by all family and friends.

We are all looking forward to the following two years that lead up to the 50th anniversary, which will be quite an achievement, we know the Captain, her Officers and Leaders are already thinking about and planning the programs for next Septembers start back but we are sure they are also planning a few extra events for the 50th anniversary - for maybe girls both past and presents, who knows? Watch this space!

Lynn and her Officers and Leaders of the 230th Girls' Brigade Company will continue to serve the Lord by reaching out to all girls to value, nurture and help equip them for life and that they may follow the motto for the Girls’ Brigade to Seek, Serve and Follow Christ and find true enrichment of life.