06 May

Standing ovation for long-serving Befrienders leader Terri Fairfowl

Following 17 years of unbroken service Terri Fairfowl this week stepped aside as the leader of our Befrienders ministry.

Terri, who has been a member at Whitewell for over 40 years, has, for some time, been struggling with ill health. Reluctantly therefore she has decided to hand over the baton to the very capable Jim Ballie.
Terri was presented with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a gift of appreciation for all of her efforts on behalf of the Befrienders at last Lord’s Day morning service, May 4th. She was also given a hearty standing ovation by the Whitewell congregation.

An emotional Terri, who started the Befrienders group way back in 1997, commented this week “It’s a sad time for me but I have no regrets. I hope I’ve left a legacy which unites the whole body of Christ and continues to bring in the halt, blind and the lame just as Jesus desired for His church to do”.

The Befrienders ministry began after a visit by Joni Eareckson to Whitewell in 1997, an event which united every single disabled ministry in the province. Shortly afterwards Terri got the green light to begin a ministry at Whitewell for and on behalf of disabled people and the rest is history.

Today Whitewell is a very disabled friendly environment with first class facilities available to cater for our disabled brothers and sisters. In keeping with her drive and commitment Terri’s convinced, however, that her successor Jim Ballie and the excellent team of volunteers at Whitewell will continue to reach as many disabled people as possible.

She added “I believe Jim can take the Befrienders ministry to an even greater level, but he desperately needs help with bus drivers and carers. We used to have around 80 disabled members, but today we have about 50 and so there is certainly room for more”.

With new training in place for carers and a strong base in place left by Terri, Jim says he’s immensely privileged to be taking on the role as Befirenders leader. He stated “A great foundation has been laid by Terri and it’s so solid I will not need to make any changes to how things have been done in the past”.

Meanwhile Terri will continue her involvement with the Kenya ministry. Our thanks and appreciation to Terri for the outstanding job she has done.