15 Nov

Youth Sunday 12th November

Sunday 12th November was remembrance day, and, after our initial worship time,  that is how the service began on Sunday morning, as church remembered those who had been killed in wars, putting themselves in danger, in order to keep the rest of us safe. We remember and acknowledge all their sacrifices.

But with that solemn act of remembrance over, a busy programme was to follow – as Sunday morning was also our Scout and GB enrolment service. Both organisations were duly enrolled and then all in attendance were able to enjoy a number of items from both organisations – from the youngest ones  singing, various readings, and our older scouts showing their knowledge of sign language.

The message was brought by Youth Director Stephen Campbell, who captivated both young and old as he told the story of the Lord calling the young boy Samuel, and challenged all that one can be in church and yet not recognize the voice of God calling them. It was good also to welcome  Cherith McClure on staff. 

But the next generation weren’t just looking after the morning service – our youth and young adults took the Sunday night service – titled it “awakening” and invited special guest speaker Patrick Dobbin from Cork Church. The sanctuary had a distinct youth feel about it, and with the well band leading worship, and several of the young adults being baptised during the service the night was an eventful one.

Well done to all who took part in the service, and we pray that the messages preached morning and night will continue to impact all who heard them.