05 Sep

Excitement as Alive Belfast approaches

There’s excitement as Alive Belfast approaches.

Bayless Conley insists he’s “super excited” ahead of this week’s much anticipated Alive Belfast event at Whitewell Metropolitan Tabernacle. Conley, accompanied by his son Harrison, says both men have a twofold approach this year – to build up the saints and win the lost.

This week he informed our media team “Harrison and I can’t wait to see our good friends again in Belfast.  We’ve been praying about this mission for weeks, and I have an inward anticipation that something great is going to happen.“

Catch Pastor Bayless talking to John McCreedy (part 1 of 3)

Conley will speak several times during the Alive Belfast Mission from Sunday –Tuesday. His son Harrison will address the youth on Saturday (the opening night) and everyone on Wednesday evening.  The two international guest speakers are not the only ones getting excited, of course. The Tabernacle congregation is preparing for yet another event to add to a long list of successful outreaches in recent years.

The Whitewell ministry was once known for the motto - Ulster Still Needs Jesus!  Now, with the internet and online streaming, events like this year’s Alive Belfast mission have the potential to reach to touch many nations with the life-changing message of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

“There’s no theme this year, just individual messages but these are very much connected. We will be encouraging believers to grow their church and faith as well as throwing out the net to the unsaved” added Bayless, - Senior Pastor at Cottonwood, a Los Alamitos mega church with a 7,000-seat auditorium, along with his wife, Janet.

A recovering drug addict and alcoholic, the US based evangelist, found Jesus 42 years ago following a conversation with a 12-year old boy. Conley also had a near death experience in late 2014 when he miraculously survived a major boating accident.   

Mission service times below

Saturday at 7:45 pm

Sunday at 6:45 pm

Monday – Wednesday at 7:45 pm.