23 Aug

Two Great Reasons to Give on Gift Day

On Sunday 3rd September, the Metropolitan Tabernacle will be hosting a special day of community giving for two worthwhile reasons

Our missions in both Kenya and Ethiopia are now thriving works, but both ministries require better transport to cope with the terrain there. We have therefore ordered two large 4x4 Toyota Hilux utility vehicles, and we are appealing to all our members and friends to bring a sacrifice from a willing heart towards this needful investment on what is the first Sunday of September.

 The folks in both Kenya and Ethiopia very much appreciate this gift and will get great use from the vehicles which will operate via two registered UK Charities, both founded in Northern Ireland – “Hope for Ethiopia” and “The Befrienders for Disability.”  Both have been working closely with local communities in Africa for many years. 

Meanwhile, as many of you will know, our mission Alive Belfast commences a week later, so we are hoping funds raised from the Gift Day might also cover the considerable costs towards the mission.  We would like to thank you in advance for your continued prayers and financial support of our ministry, and we pray you will join us and others as we make a difference in the lives of many thousands of children in Africa and people closer to home.

You can give online with justgiving. If you are in the UK and a taxpayer, justgiving will claim the gift-aid due on any eligable donation

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