16 May

Training for our childrens workers and youth workers

Whitewell Metropolitan Tabernacle takes child protection issues extremely seriously, and with Pastor Irwin Rea and Pastor Nigel Begley taking over the the responsibility as child protection officers, it was a great opportunity to make sure that everyone's training in child protection is up to date, organizing a training day for all involved in working with children. This training will be undertaken on an annual basis.
There was a fantastic turnout of around 80 people. Thanks to all who attended, and thanks to Jonathan and Claire for sharing your expertise with us.
Of course, today young people are facing many serious issues, and as part of ongoing training Pastor Nigel Begley along with Girls Brigade Captain Lynn Meldrum and Sub-Officer Melissa Meldrum also recently completed an Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training course in Antrim.
This course is aimed to help identify individuals who are exhibiting signs of suicidal behaviour, then proceeding to implement help and support as soon as possible.
 Many thanks to the Dare To Stretch team of Aine Wallace and Margaret Taggart who provided this valuable training."