20 Apr

Well done GB!

With the Easter break, the Good Friday Service and the special Easter Sunday services coming hot on its tails, it would have been easy to miss what turned out to be a great night the day before Good Friday.   Becuase once again our GB, under the leadership of Lynn Meldrum put on their annual display.  

 From the very youngest saying their nursery rhymes, the juniors doing some choral speaking,

to the older girls putting on a drama as part of their badge-work,

along with the usual supply of games, competitions, and of course a bit of involvement from parents and friends (I don't think too many of them should give up their day job to try to do the bare necessities dance) - all the items were thoroughly enjoyable and appreciated by all those who attended.

Prize giving is always an important component of any GB display - and we saw prizes from 100% attendance, to girls who had made a real difference to the GB company being given out, and this year one of the girls achieved their brigader broach signifying 15 years in the GB.

Of course the display is only a small component of what happens in the life of a GB company. Speaking with Lynn earlier I  asked her if this is time of year she puts her feet up with one season finishing and the next one a few months away,   but with a GB party to run, a GB camp to organise, and of course attend July-time and then beginning the promotional work inviting new girls from the area to join GB before beginning the next term, and the planning of the new season,  it seems like any time to rest between seasons is probably very limited.

We're so proud of all our GB leaders and helpers, and delighted that so many girls come and take part, that parents help and encourage them to attend. GB is only one of many ministries in this Church, but it's one that's making a real difference to many girls, and indeed introducing the girls and their families to this local church, and we trust that it will introduce many of them to know and love the Lord Jesus.