31 Jan

January mission reaches many souls for Christ

Around 90 persons came to Christ at our January mission making it a most fruitful outreach at the Tabernacle.

Wet and windy weather conditions during the opening month of 2014 were not exactly conducive to the holding of a gospel crusade; nevertheless good crowds still flocked to hear Pastor McConnell preach up to five times per week. Souls were saved and backsliders restored while the body of Christ was also built up through the preaching of God’s word.

Said Pastor McConnell “I was delighted by attendances at the event and with the effort put in by our congregation, singing groups and of course, the faithful Tabernacle choir. They all deserve great credit for the commitment they showed to help make the mission a success”.

The services concluded on Wednesday 29, yet it’s not the first time Whitewell has held a gospel event in the month of January. In 2011 a highly successful soul-saving crusade was held at Andersonstown Leisure Centre, while in 2006 a similar event was staged at the Tabernacle.

All eyes will now be on our anniversary services in mid February as we get set to celebrate an amazing 57 years of ministry at Whitewell.