22 Sep

Week of prayer

“Praying time is never wasted time,”   “More prayer, more power, less prayer less power, no prayer no power”

How many times have we heard phrases like that coming from our pulpit over the years. As a church with two prayer meeting nights, and many more groups meeting for prayer at different times and places we value the importance of prayer all the time. But with a mission coming up, it’s time to step up another gear. That’s why Pastor David has called a week of prayer beginning Monday 26th September.

We’ll meet at 7am each morning and 8pm each evening to ask the Lord regarding Alive Belfast. Over these next few weeks thousands of leaflets will be given out, thousands of people will be invited to come and hear Jay speak – but only the Lord can bring people to himself – and so we want, before we embark on a big leaflet distribution, before we enter these critical final weeks of asking people to come with us to Alive 2016, let’s take this opportunity to seek the Lord, and to ask Him concerning the mission, that many souls will be won – not for us or for our Church, but that many will be won to Christ.

The prayer meetings will last only an hour - so the morning meetings will finish at 8am, and the evening meetings at 9pm, and we're hoping to have some tea and toast available in the mornings afterwards! Don't worry if, in the mornings, you can only come for a few minutes on your way to work. Just come when you can and leave when you need to, and we'll trust that the Lord will bless this time seeking Him.