27 Jul

GB Facing their fears at GB camp 2016

Twenty five very exhausted girls and leaders returned home last Saturday after a thoroughly enjoyable few days away at GB camp. This year’s camp was held at Ardnabannon outdoor Activity Centre, Castlewellan. In such a location, the very appropriate theme of “Conquering your Fears” was the focus for the week, and, if rumour is right, many fears were conquered, at the very least, faced.


Whether that fear was heights, water, or such like, there were activities to stretch all – including Abseiling, Wall climbing, canoeing, an adventure walk,archery, high ropes, wet bouldering.

Even the leaders were not exempt.

The mornings and afternoons were packed with activities, and then evening time was the time for the girls to get together, to relax, to get to know each other more, and of course to spend time looking at Bible lessons, and to discuss together how they related to the girls’ lives. On the last night the subject was God’s love – and a look at the Saviour who loved us enough to take our punishment, and be our substitute. The reality of this was brought home to many of the girls as they watched an illustration on video – showing a father who had to make a decision to sacrifice his son to free many from certain death, or save his son, but in doing so, condemn many others to that same fate.


Friendships were made and deepened, fears were faced, a new understanding of the Gospel was learned. Do pray for the girls in the weeks that lie ahead that the Gospel story, shared with them at camp, will enter into their hearts and lives.

On behalf of all at the Whitewell Church we pay tribute to our GB captain, leaders and assistants, and thank them again for a great year at GB.