07 Jul

Junior Choir's got talent!


It was a mix of concert, fun night, recap of the year’s singing, and parents night that brought this season’s Junior Choir to a close. With the conclusion that Junior Choir does have talent, the light-hearted play on the popular TV programme provided the backdrop to end this season of Junior Choir.



In the judges positions were the four Junior Choir  assistant leaders, and of course all the talent was supplied by the junior choir itself.


From this year’s songs, complete with all the solos and duets, to poetry reading and indeed a guitar player,  the kids of the Junior Choir were able to show off their talents, and in doing so, sing and play their praises to the Lord Jesus.



The performance part night was rounded off with a few prizes, from those with the best behaviour and attendance, to a category voted on by the children themselves – to choose from amongst themselves their popstar of the month. Also, of course, no Junior Choir parents night would be complete without the customary cup of tea, juice, cream scones and sweet things.



So for now it’s a well-earned break for the children as they begin their school holidays and junior choir closes for the summer – but it’ll open again in September.  If you have or know of a child who would be interested in joining Junior Choir, speak to Lisa or Michael Frazer, or contact any of the Pastors to find out more about it. In the meantime thank you Lisa for all your work this year. Thank you all who have helped during the course of the year, and of course thank you parents and children for your continued support for Junior Choir.