10 May

A change at the top for Whitewell’s Sunday Schools

On 24th April we had our open Sunday School. Many of the Whitewell Sunday Schools spread through the greater Belfast area, including places like Bangor and Ballyclare met together in the Whitewell Youth Centre. The afternoon began with opening choruses and of course also included a competition.  The Bible lesson was ably taught by Simon Houston from Emmanuel Presbyterian Church in Belfast.

The event occurred during a very busy period in our Church calendar. In addition to all the normal busy schedule of services, the week before we also had our annual fund-raiser concert for the missions work in Ethiopia. The Thursday following it our GB would hold its annual display.

In all the events happening it would have been possible to have missed a big thank you and welcome that was well deserved, but now is a great time to write about it – because Frankie Weir, having come on staff as a Pastor felt it was right to hand over his responsibilities as overall Sunday School Superintendent to a new leader.  It was no short stint in children’s work for our new Assistant Pastor because Frankie, as well as having been a youth leader for many years,  has been working for our Sunday Schools for 33 years,  the last 10 of which has been as Sunday School Superintendent.

Our new Sunday School Superintendent is no stranger to Sunday School work in the Tabernacle either.  Stephen Hill has worked in the Bangor Sunday School for 29 years – so certainly not a newcomer to our children’s ministries.  So we say a big thank you to Frankie as he moves further into his Pastoral role, and congratulate Stephen on taking over this important post.  May the Lord continue to bless all our ministries to children  and those who lead them, in the days and years that lie ahead.