06 Mar

Pastor reaches 56th year in the ministry

Our 56th anniversary took place on February 23, yet it was business as usual at both our Lord’s Day services.

Despite the fact that Pastor McConnell marked his 56th year at Whitewell, there was no fuss as the 76 year old evergreen evangelist brought God’s Word both morning and evening. New members were also welcomed into fellowship at the morning service.

Both services were well attended with numerous visitors arriving for evening worship which featured the Tabernacle Choir, Junior Choir and the group Pierced.  A delicious evening supper was served at the Tabernacle restaurant upstairs for visitors and Tabernacle members.

Meanwhile Pastor McConnell has since preached at Baton Rouge in Louisiana, USA and no fewer than 20 people gave their lives to Christ at a Sunday morning service. The purpose of his visit is to lecture at a minister’s conference before returning to Belfast on Thursday 6 March.