12 Jan

A message to all who support the online ministry

Once again as enter a new year of online ministry, we look back at the last 12 months. We thank our Lord for his faithfulness during the last year. It has been a difficult year for our Church - the issues of the court proceedings against Pastor McConnell weighed heavily on him and on our Church, yet the result last week has been met with much relief, with free speech secured and our ability to preach the gospel online unhindered.
Yet again in 2015, hundreds have continued to watch our services live online, and hundreds more on-demand. It has been our privilege to hear yet again of people who have come to trust the Lord Jesus after watching our services online. This year, as part of the technical staff,  I have also personally spoken to a number of people who come to Church here, and have trusted the Lord, who have told me the same story - that they first started by watching or listening online - then, hearing the gospel message online they have come into this Church, in the Church have been saved and now are members here locally. People from all backgrounds and all walks of life are being helped and we give God all the thanks for what He has done.
It's always difficult to really fully understand how our online membership is made up. We know that some of you are fairly local, but for reasons of health are unable to make it to the church in person for all the services. Some are in Northern Ireland, but just a bit too far away to be able to be here service after service, and so you come in person when you can, and join us online the rest of the time.  Some are in England, Scotland, the USA, Canada, and we get occasional views from all over the world, including hits from all over the middle-east, and the far east.
As we continue to serve the Lord, and to ensure that the message of the Gospel, preached in this Church, continues to be heard online all over the world, on behalf of Pastor David, all the Pastors, and our technical staff and volunteers who look after all our internet ministry - thank you - each one of you, who watches online, each person who prays for the ministry, and each one of you who gives online via JustGiving. Your prayers, and your financial gifts are much appreciated by all of us as we endeavour to make the ministry of this church accessible to all. And looking forward we trust that this ministry will continue to be a blessing to you, and to many others in 2016 and in the years that lie ahead.