Wednesday Night Coffee Shop


Out of his need, Frankie Weir sowed a seed and ....the rest is history!

The need, as Frankie recalls, was to have a place where the Whitewell members could find sweet fellowship after hearing God’s Word, in what he perceived as “a safe Christian environment.”

The seed was to commence that same vision which we now know has developed into the very popular “Well Coffee Shop” on Wednesday evenings following Pastor David Purse’s Bible Studies.

It started with just 20 people, but check out this lively activity any Wednesday night at the McConnell Youth Complex and you will currently find around 150-200 people fighting over coffee pots, tea pots,  sandwiches and especially prepared buns made by Rebecca Dodds, a ministry she has been involved in for 8 years now.

The Coffee bar originated in July 2002 when people were more likely to attend coffee joints in Belfast. Today however, our Wednesday night coffee shop is hiving with people having fun and engaging in great conversation. One parent families are particularly blessed by this ministry. They manage to get the children looked after allowing them to have a full night of God’s Word and make new friendships with God’s people. It’s also an especially important ministry for those who live alone and don’t fancy the thought of returning to an empty house. Again the opportunity to expand their social life makes all the difference in their lives. There is no set age group either when it comes to the Wednesday night coffee brigade. There appears to be interaction between all age groups, both young and old, all of them able to fellowship in a safe Christian atmosphere.