Sunday Night Supper


It is no exaggeration to say that the Sunday Night Supper at the Metropolitan Tabernacle appears reminiscent of another great feeding in the bible – the feeding of the five thousand. Both upstairs and down are packed with people availing of the various barley loaves and great pastries on offer. It’s all free of charge including the tea and coffee and much appreciated by the members of the church, many of whom travel great distances on Sunday evenings to hear the Word of God. Sandra Murray and her team have been presiding over this ministry for many years now, the preparation of which is all done by the ladies of our church.

To feed so many people at once takes tremendous organisation, but after so long in the job faithfully attending the Tabernacle members, this night runs like clockwork. Another wonderful aspect to the Sunday Night Supper is the opportunity for fellowship it provides. Many new friends are made and relationships strengthened during this time of relaxation.