Rainbow Hope Puppets


Established in September 2004, Rainbow of Hope Puppet Ministry aims to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with children, young people and adults, so that everyone might know and believe in the love that God has for us. 

This ministry uses puppets to act out stories from the Bible and earthly stories to illustrate spiritual truths. After the children have listened to the message we encourage them to participate in follow-up activities, e.g. quizzes, games and songs with sign language.

The gospel is presented at school assemblies; church organisations and church services. During the summer months, when weather permits, we help with community fundays, holiday Bible Clubs and many more outdoor events.

If you would like the team to visit your church, school, children’s ministry or want any further information about our ministry please contact us.

For bookings phone:

Myrtle McCormick - 028 9059 9569


Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me”...

Matthew 19 v 14

To God be all the Glory



It is with great enthusiasm and particular pleasure that I write in support of the excellent work of “Rainbow Hope Puppet Ministry”.

We have been privileged to host the ministry in Helen’s Bay for two consecutive Children’s Day services and on both occasions the clear gospel message has been presented clearly, lovingly and sensitively to the children and indeed the adults of the congregation.

I pray that the future of the puppet ministry will be fruitful for the Kingdom of our Saviour and Lord.

Helen’s Bay Church looks forward to a further visit from you at a Christmas or Easter event.

Yours in partnership in Jesus

Rev. Colin W. Megaw


The Rainbow of Hope Puppets annual visit to the Bangor Sunday School is an event that all the children look forward to with great excitement.

The puppet show is a unique evangelistic tool which makes the Bible come alive to the children.

This is an effective ministry which reaches the children in a relaxed and fun environment making them receptive to the gospel.

Teaching through puppets is a must see event for your children’s ministry.

Stephen Hill

Superintendent, Bangor Sunday School


The Rainbow Hope Puppets are a highlight in our School calendar and every show performed never fails to deliver in terms of quality of performance and challenge to faith.

Having welcomed Rainbow Hope Puppets into Lowwood Primary School for the past five years, I can say the experience for the children has never been less than memorable. It is wonderful to see how Bible stories are brought to life through the medium of puppets in such an entertaining and interactive style. Always leaving children spellbound.

D Patterson