Door To Door Outreach - Tuesday and Thursday


“If you want to get people in, you need to put yourself out”.

These are the words of seasoned evangelist, Allan McReavie, who, for over 20 years, has been putting himself out specialising in door to door ministry and the handing out of literature relating to Whitewell.

Allan presently oversees two key outreach programmes at Whitewell. Firstly, the door to door team on Tuesday nights concentrates on one to one witnessing and has been highly successful in winning many new converts to Christ since starting up almost 4 years ago. Then on Thursday mornings Allan is involved with another outreach he calls “The invite team”. This time the emphasis is more upon delivering leaflets than actual one to one opportunities, although he’s keen to stress that “every opportunity is still taken to share the gospel”.

Around a dozen volunteers from the church accompany Allan round the doors every Tuesday night. To date places such as Highfield, Glencairn, Monkstown, and the Shankhill areas have already been fully canvassed. While operating in the Shankhill area, Allan says at least 2 souls per week were regularly getting saved. “Door to door work is a very special ministry which needs to be led totally by the Holy Spirit. We have found that when God is in it and He leads and guides witnessing is always easier”.

Allan says that both teams are incredibly dedicated to their weekly ministries and

As for the Thursday morning invite team, they, too, have managed to cover quite a bit of ground over the past two years in their endeavours to reach people for Christ, including the local districts of Shore Road and beyond. Around 16 people start their morning with a cup of tea at the church restaurant, before going out to canvas various parts of the province. Currently working in the town of Larne, they intend to continue spreading the gospel in towns and suburbs like Ballyclare, Doagh, Templepatrick, Mallusk, East Belfast, South Belfast, Holywood and Bangor.

Allan says that both teams are incredibly dedicated to their weekly ministries, however he is still appealing for help from people who live in specific areas. He says “If someone lives in a town and knows that town well it would be most useful if they could provide directions for the period we are there. If there are any people, young or old, willing to show us round their respective areas, I would be most grateful”.

Certainly both ministries are invaluable to the growth of the church. Allan says “It’s actually a privilege to be a child of God and to play a part in leading others to Christ is a wonderful feeling”. Anyone wishing to get involved with these ministries can do so by contacting Allan on 07766 225579