Blaze Outreach


Blaze is the Outreach Team from The Well Event.

The team has been ministering since 2005 both in the local community and further afield. Blaze started with only a handful of committed young people who had a desire to reach the local community with the good news of the Gospel. Through God's leading and guidance Blaze has grown into a much bigger ministry which now involves lots of young people.

Blaze found its name from Mark 1:45 - The story of the man who Jesus cleansed from leprosy. The verse explains the man's joy and excitement was so great at what Jesus had done for him that he had to proclaim it everywhere. The Bible states 'he went out, and began to publish it much, and to blaze abroad the matter.'

The desire of Blaze is to do the same and 'bring hope to our generation' through the power of the Gospel message.  We aim to be effective witnesses for Christ, to love the lost and to share the truth with the world. We passionately believe we are God's hands and feet to bring the Gospel to the streets. Blaze provides many opportunities for young people to proclaim the Lord Jesus Christ as Saviour and King.

Some of the events that Blaze outreach runs.

Blaze Night

Every Thursday night a team goes into Belfast, where they invite young people to The Well and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Blaze Belfast

This is now an annual day of outreach in Belfast.  Up to 100 young people go round the surrounding areas of the church demonstrating the love of Jesus and have a massive open air outside Belfast City Hall.

Blaze Week

This is a week in the summer when loads of young people tour around various towns doing open air presentations and also having a lot of fun.

Blaze Mission Trips

Every mission trip is different but all have the same aim to lift up the name of Jesus Christ. We have had mission trips to Dublin, Hull, Sligo, Girona and Macedonia. This year we went to Thonon in France.

Blaze Gap YEAR

Started in September 2011 a team of passionate young people volunteered two days a week to spread the Gospel in Primary Schools, Secondary Schools and the Local Community. This year Michael Frazer is serving 2 days a week and is involved in various activities including - post primary school work, outreach and preparing content for the Well.