Local Outreach


The Tabernacle is well known for its missionary endeavours in both Kenya and Ethiopia; however it believes in “local outreach” too. In this respect many of our people get involved  on a weekly basis to witness for Christ around the towns and cities of our province. It was John Wesley, who once made the comment that “The world is our parish” and so often this statement is related purely to missionary work abroad. Yet when Wesley made the remark, it was, in fact, meant to be a challenge to Methodists congregations everywhere, not to forget to also reach out to the streets of their own town. Wesley was making the point that no matter where we are, home or abroad, someone still needs to hear about the love of Jesus.

“Charity begins at home”, is an old saying and certainly one that the outreach volunteers in our church have adopted as their motto.  There are weekly door-to-door teams in Belfast city centre and teams of people who witness late at night at weekends to people on the streets. Add to this the Saturday morning outreaches held across the province, especially in Belfast City Centre and the great youth witness called Blaze, which goes on a province wide witness each summer and one can see that members take seriously the evangelistic challenge once prophesied over the church at Whitewell, namely “Can you win me a city?”