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Ethiopia is one of the poorest countries in Africa. Because of poverty and hardship many people see life as hopeless and without any future. We explain to them the answer is found in God’s plan for their salvation, through the saving grace of His Son the Lord Jesus Christ.

By God's grace and under the leadership of Jim McClelland, and the Pastors and Members of the Metropolitan Tabernacle Belfast, a large work is underway in the village of Karifu.

The complex consists of a 2000-seater church, a school, a clinic and a bakery - a holistic approach to help the people of this area in their spiritual, educational and physical needs.

The Church was officially opened in 2007, by Dr. James McConnell, senior Pastor of the Metropolitan Tabernacle Belfast.


The church is Pastored by Bezabih a local Servant of God who is seeing great growth in the church.

We want to say a big thank you to Pastor Bezabih and his wife Mercy, our missionaries in Ethiopia and thank them for their dedication and commitment in reaching souls in their country.


With the Church, School and clinic open, this phase of the building work is complete, but the real task of helping transform the lives of these people is only just beginning.

Thank you for your prayers and support for the children and people of Ethiopia.

2018 - A year of continued growth in Ethiopia

"Whosoever shall receive one such children in My name, receiveth Me " (Mark 9:3)

By the grace of God we have witnessed incredible growth in Ethiopia in recent months.

At Ambo the congregation has risen to over 2,000 people attending worship each week. We thank God for this incredible increase and, of course, for our Pastors Bezabih and his wife Mercy, Pastor Desta and Pastor Lemi and their team who continue to serve faithfully to further God’s Kingdom.

Our School and Church in Bobagaya is also now complete with no fewer than 85 children enrolled in September 2017 into kindergarten classes. Another finished project is the day-care centre which allows mothers to leave their children while they seek work.

And for the sixteenth consecutive year our Hope for Ethiopia team have brought hope to the children of Ethiopia earlier in the year. Accompanied by Pastor Frankie Weir, our dedicated team travelled out to Ethiopia on Thursday the 8th of February with over 1,500 Christmas gift bags filled with much needed clothes, shoes and gifts for all the children in our Church plants and schools in Kuriftu, Bobagaya and Ambo – a day which brought much joy to the children and their parents.

On Saturday 10th and Sunday the 11th of February our Church in Kuriftu saw hundreds attend for worship where many adults and children responded to the presence of God and came forward for prayer. Pastor Frankie spoke from the book of Mark, while Pastor Bezabih preached from a text in Luke.

Meanwhile, our dedicated volunteer, Nicola spent three days working with our teachers in Bobagaya and Kuriftu introducing a new teaching curriculum and training program for them to continue with on our return home.

On behalf of Eleanor, Karen and the Hope for Ethiopia team, we would like to thank all who filled a Christmas gift bag or donated through our ' Smile of a Child’ Christmas envelope appeal and to all who came along faithfully each week to help pack the children's gifts and those who continue to support this great Ministry each year, help that is invaluable.


Ethiopia Update July 2016

On the 10th of July 2016 at our Church in Kuriftu  Ethiopia , 23 of our young people went through the waters of Baptism. Here are some photos of them with our Pastor Bezabih and also Pastor Desta.

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Update June 2015

Missionary Update for June 2015

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Ethiopia Mission Report April 2016


Latest updates on the missionary work in Ethiopia.

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June 2015

On Saturday 20th June 2015 two of our Missionary representatives, Eleanor and Karen McClelland from our Hope For Ethiopia team in Belfast Northern Ireland will be traveling out to Ethiopia to our complex in Kuriftu.

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