One of the defining changes in the late 20th and early 21st century has surely been the media and information explosion linked with the personal computer revolution and the internet. From Radio and TV to the internet and the use of social media the accessibility of information has never been so wide, nor its impact so great.

As God's church in this generation we have a responsibility to make His message known, and to use the tools of this generation to spread it.

In 2012 we made a number of changes to our media output. For a number of reasons we made the decision to come off Christian TV for a while at least, having been on UK Christian TV since 2001. At the same time we made a number of web improvements, introducing on-demand video of all our teaching services and improving further our live stream. Using the web instead of broadcast TV allows us to make available much more content, and make any recent message available on-demand. We have also made our stream content compatible with most of the mobile devices people might have, including iPod/iPads, Android smartphones and tablets, and, with the exception of our live stream, windows mobile 3.5 clients.

We also use Facebook and social media, all with the aim to spread the message of the gospel, to build up the church, to help those who are shut in or cannot otherwise get to church,

What an opportunity it is for us in this genration to be able to send the gospel message to those who listen and watch outside Northern Ireland and couldn't otherwise get to the Tabernacle, and even to regularly connect with our overseas missionaries helping them to feel a part of the local church they are so much a part of.

God has always given the right tools and skills to the right generation for His work. From those carefully crafting the Tabernacle in the wilderness, to the technology today and its ability to communicate with people that many in the past could only dream of.

Were are we going next? We are still looking at whether we should re-introduce podcasts (which are currently unavailable), and we are watching carefully the adoption of smart TVs which can receive content via the internet, and internet set-top-boxes such as Roku and Boxee which could be of benefit to people who want to watch online on their normal TV set.

It's always great to hear of people who are blessed by this ministry online. Do send us a comment via the site.

Lastly if you have been blessed by the ministry online and you want to contribute financially to maintaining the work here at the tabernacle you can find a Donate Online link in the main menu. Thank you if you have been able to help us in this way.