July 2012

Greetings to Whitewell church and all our loved ones from Nyeri, Kenya! We have had a really busy Spring period this year, and are delighted at what the Lord is doing in our midst!

We have been amazed at what doors have opened and how the Lord has blessed the labour out here. We trust that you will be encouraged by this update of the progress over the last few months. To God be all the glory and thank you to Whitewell, Pastor McConnell, Pastor David Murray and Terry Fairfowl for what your efforts enable us to do out here. Our family are all doing really well, and we are looking forward to the new Kenyan arrival to the family in the middle August, DV. We miss the sweet fellowship with you all (especially when the Pastor mentions sticky buns / egg and onion sandwiches on the internet on Sunday nights), but are so grateful for all of your love and prayers in support of the work.


Clinical Progress

The clinic has been busy as ever and we continue to have a steady flow of new and current patients coming for ongoing therapy and treatment. The ranges of disabilities and conditions we see are far beyond what we could ever see or imagine at home...

The need is so great, but thank God we are enabled to offer practical assistance and support to the patients and their families on a daily basis. We continue to provide free medicine, physical and occupational therapy rehabilitation and now our wide range of orthotics including spinal jackets, leg braces/callipers and also assist in medical investigations.

We have welcomed Andrew to the clinical team in May, our new orthopaedic technologist who has settled in well. The cardboard chairs continue to be flowing out, we have now provided over 150 chairs and standing frames to disabled children in regions near and far to the Sanctuary. We would like to offer a special thanks to all those who are continuing to support our Buy a Chair for a Child Project and we hope you are enjoying the pictures we send back to you! The chairs change the lives of these children and we thank God for the ongoing support you have offered.

Above all of the medicinal and clinical support the patients and families receive, they receive the love of Jesus and His powerful gospel in both word and deed and many souls have came to Christ when they expected to just come for medicine.


The Church

We are so excited at what the Lord is doing in the church and are delighted to have celebrated our first year anniversary on 1st May - and how far the Lord has took the work on in that time!

We moved into our new church building at the beginning of April and are amazed that it has been filled already, around 280 attending on Lords day.

The midweek morning devotion meetings, prayer meetings and bible study attendance is growing in numbers and just this month over 40 people graduated from their bible course to receive their free bibles. We estimate that now that just over 25 souls have came to the Lord this year through the church and Sanctuary outreach. The church worship team and choir have been coming on well and we praise God for missionary Terry Crane from Project Kenya USA donating a full sound and PA system to the church last month! She told Jolene she would give us them during her visit to our church, just minutes before Jason announced to the church we were starting a fundraising efforts for a sound system! Before we asked, the Lord had answered! In April 11 people were baptised in the Chania River.

We joined forces with another church and two missionaries to hold a week long tent crusade in Kamakwa Village at the end of April, sometimes up to a thousand attended and it is estimated that 50 souls came to the Lord during the meetings that week, and many people were healed of illnesses - it was amazing to witness the Lord work before our very eyes. The Saturday club and Sunday Schools are continuing to thrive and the Lord has been faithful - a highlight was 120 kids getting their very first creme egg on Easter Sunday - the sugar rush will probably keep them going until next year!!

Building Work

The building of the church and finishing of the grounds has been the main building project focus this year so far. It has been wonderful to see the compound continue to expand and develop over the last 22 months now. These coming summer months the building project will be taking a short rest and we look forward to starting again on the workshop and accommodation block projects in due course.


Sanctuary Workshop

The Workshop continues to employ and support 7 families of disabled children, manufacturing the adapted cardboard chairs and frames for the disabled and also manufacturing paper for selling back home. Annabelle Murray visited in April and we are now working together on development of a range of our paper product to a high standard for artists to print and paint on, for retailing to the art market at home. We trust that this will further enhance the income generation of our products to the work here. Work has also just begun on making the Christmas cards and decorative products for this festive season, so don’t forget to get your Christmas items when ready in church later in the year, there are some really lovely items on the way! 

Once again, thank you to all at home who support this work, may we encourage you to keep it up. As David Livingstone, missionary to Africa, once said, “Sympathy is no substitute for action”, and thank God this church is a church who takes action on foreign fields. Please do continue to remember us in prayer, this land of Kenya is dark and is a sure stronghold of the enemy. We are constantly bombarded with pictures of pain, suffering, sin and violence, a great anguish and burden is laid upon all who genuinely love the Lord in this place. Remember the band of men and women and young people who have joined the work and the church and have committed to seek the Lord and stand in the gap for this area and nation. 

Matthew 28:19-20

Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.