A day in the sanctuary...

Well today was a good day... A tough day... But a good day... So I thought I would tell you about it.

We so often see the end result, the answered prayers... the grateful faces... the relieved parents... and sights like these are a privilege that are often only ours to behold. I trust that in some way, this will encourage all of those who support this work in Kenya. For the ones who tithe and offer gifts into Whitewell and the Metropolitan Sanctuary... for those who gather up extra funds, climb mountains, organise sponsorships, pack bags, make and sell jewellery, pack and sell cards, sell chairs, hold coffee mornings, charity balls, organise fireworks nights, send out crayons, toys, books, clothes, gather up disabled equipment and organise containers. To those who spend their holiday money coming out here to offer help, encourage the people, bless the patients, and support the work here, build on the site... For those who spend much of their time communicating and emailing and skyping us to help this work... for the tech guys who stream the links and services... For those who remember us in prayer... May we offer a very special and sincere thanks from those that you are helping, this simply would not be happening if you had not played your parts.

As usual the morning starts with an hour of devotion, for staff and also for any patients who arrive early - time is spent in prayer and worship, and around the word of God. After that, it is all systems go: the kitchen staff set to work on preparing food for the incoming clients, the building team head down to the site and get going on the block work for the new workshop, the workshop women start preparing the paste and papers for the new chairs they are making today, and of course the clinical team start preparing for the patients due to arrive that day, cleaners are cleaning, guards are guarding. There are already several patients here, some having been up since 5 and 6 am to make their long journeys in from villages far and wide. For many, much of their journey take place on foot with their disabled child slung onto their back by a small sheet. There are several people here to see Jason for prayer.. many in great physical and spiritual needs. One young mother arrives first, she says a witch doctor put a curse on her family last year and both her brothers are now in psychiatric units and she needs prayer. She was saved just a few weeks ago on a Sunday service. There are also some women who are here for bible study group class with Mary, after upon completing their course, they receive a free bible.

As the day progresses, I witness God moving.. answering prayers. He has heard the cry of the afflicted, he has seen their tears.. and today, I watch Him move in and through His people. Faith Womboi is a little three year old girl. She looks like she is starving, just like the famine pictures we would see on TV.. her limbs are like sticks and her head so big for her frail and withered body, her stomach is so swollen. She has been feeding and eating, but nothing seems to be helping her. If no one helps, this girl will die soon. Our doctor seen her on Friday and is wanting to investigate if she has a tumour on her stomach, a CT scan is prescribed. Her father comes today and collects the money for the scan, just one Hospital has the right equipment to do it and we have enabled this family who are at their wits end, to go and have the investigation done. They will return with the scan results on Friday. You can feel the relief and yes.. you sense the worry that is going to stay as well for this fragile little lamb.. just the first step of many no doubt in this girls case, but the Sanctuary will be there to help and see this family through each step of the way. He hears the cry of the broken.

Meet Edward Mudo Mumbi, he is 9 years old. He has severe cerebral palsy. It is the first time he has ever been to the Sanctuary today. He has been left lying on a mattress most of his days. His spine is one of the worst we have seen, it is curved into the shape of and S. For any of you who would know him, he would remind us of Chris from the Befrienders at Whitewell who passed away some years ago. His little body is so twisted and his legs cross over one another and remain tight, like scissors - so young to be so deformed. Moses our Orthopaedic Technologist measures him for a special spinal jacket that will help control further deformity of his spine and we hope, correct some of the scoliosis and kyphosis deformity. We have a special cardboard chair made for therapy that is the shape of a barrel, especially for 'scissor legs' or crossed over legs. When you put a child on it, their legs are parted by the barrel and they can usually stabilise themselves that way. It helps open up contractures and stretch the muscles again to improve posture and leg function. We set Edward on the chair, managing to get each of his legs to each side of the barrel shaped seat, immediately he smiles, resting his hands on the bars at each side, Edward is sitting upright for the first time all by himself! His feet are on the floor He is so much more straight already. You can see his mum smiling back to him, he is so happy. We give them the chair to take home- sure we can make another! After all, its just made from scrap cardboard here on site by mums who have their own disabled children. Edwards journey to rehabilitation starts today. He will be coming as regular as possible for physical therapy and continuing treatment.

A very tired looking woman, Keziah is here to see the nurse. She comes to the church occasionally, she is a single parent with AIDS. Her husband has already passed away. She has four children, the youngest of which is just 3 months old who she is nursing on her knee. She must feed her with bottles of formula as breast feeding will put the child at risk of HIV. Her elder daughter was in primary school last year was just 13 and was attacked and raped. The young girl hasn't been able to concentrate in school since and kept running away, her mother managed to get her into a different school for learning how to be a seamstress. She struggles to pay her fees. Another daughter is going into primary one, the school are demanding the pay £20 admission fee which she does not have. She is here today for help because tonight, they have no food to eat. We talk it through and agree to provide her with food for the next few weeks and help to set her up with a small business selling vegetables at the side of the road. We want to help her to help sustain herself longterm. I believe He sees each tear that falls.

Franklin Kudonya is a very young boy of 2 years, with severe cerebral palsy, and also born blind due to brain damage at birth. It is his first time to the Sanctuary. He is unable to hold his head up at all and cannot sit up. His mother has to lie him down all day. Already his spine is becoming deformed. A simple reclined chair with figure of 8 strapping a curved head support is given from stock which fits the boy after minor adjustment. Franklin can sit straight for the first time. His eating, digestion and breathing ability and posture are all instantly improved. In a moment, a life is changed. Old cardboard will change this boys life. Franklin will be coming for therapy and drugs to help improve his condition. He heard their cries.

Samuel Mureithi is an 8 year old boy with cerebral palsy. His condition is somewhat mild compared to others, as he can walk. But his mum and dad want him to try and fit in to 'normal' school.. He is such a live wire and they want the best for their wee boy. He was unable to use his right hand and limps on his right leg. Over a year ago one of the church teams brought out a special neoprene wrist extension brace for his hand, which we ordered online to be delivered for the team to bring across from home. It helped keep his wrist in extension to enable function in the hand. The father and boy have come today to thank the Sanctuary for splint, he has made such progress since he got it. Samuel is now using his hand, he can use it to hold paper to write in school and in playing games, and it has and will continue to change the boys life. A little tear, or many more in His presence was seen.

Margaret Waruuru is a lovely old lady and is a faithful member of the church. She has a facial deformity due to an infection many years ago, and she wears a false nose that is attached to a very old frame of glasses that she wears without the lenses in. The glasses have cracked in three places now and she can hardly wear it anymore. She is very conscious of her face and is here for help. She refuses to remove the glasses/nose piece unless she is alone, because she is so fearful of people seeing what is underneath the prosthesis. We manage to find a pair of old specs from some that were donated last year, Moses is going to remove the false nose and attach it on at the workshop. Another prayer is answered with minimal effort. 

At lunch time Jason and Mary got to do some hospital visits. One of whom is our beloved Kenuah. A young boy with a learning difficulty who was covered in boiling water by his own parents who decided to murder him last year. He managed to survive and his mother reneged and took him to hospital after, but little Kenuah has been abandoned at the hospital now for months. Jason and Mary bring him up sausages and chips today, but like the sweets that have been brought up to him before, he refuses them in preference to plate of kenyan beans and some yoghurt and fruit! Amazing - where would you get it!!! He is in good form today and his deep facial and chest and arm burn wounds are healing well. We are monitoring his progress, as his parents are still alive he is not legally free for adoption yet but the Sanctuary continue to monitor and hope to direct some form of care and support when legalities are dealt with. Such a young little sparrow all on his own there, yet so pleasant to be with. He seen this boys tears and loneliness. 

The day is progressing on, a total of 18 patients come for treatment today aside from those that came for bible group class and prayer, but these are just a few of the stories to give you a flavour of what goes on. I would be here all night recounting all the Lord can do in just one little day. This evening ended with our weekly bible class on the kindness of David to Mephibosheth. An appropriate study for the day we have had. There are many here in this land, of the house of the Lord, who we can show kindness to, on behalf of their Lord Jesus Christ. He who spent all his days going about and doing good. Unto Him be all the glory for all He has done here today and in the days to come. 

The Lord bless you all and thank you for your interest and support for this worthy cause.

Job 34 v 28 ''So that they cause the cry of the poor to come unto him, and He heareth the cry of the afflicted''.