Christmas Update 2011

Greetings to our family at Whitewell church and all our friends and family at home! We have had such a busy end to the year here in Kenya, but are excited to be spending this Christmas at home! Jolene and the boys will arrive early Dec and Jason will be home for the last ten days of the month, all of us returning 30th December.

To God be the glory for all the wonderful things that have taken place this year, what a Saviour we serve who moves on our behalf, surely He has been the One who never fails! We have been with you all in prayer this year during the difficult time for Pastor McConnell and his family through his surgery and recovery, and we continue to do so as one with you. It has been wonderful to see and hear him online back in the saddle again.



The church has been steadily growing since it's opening May, six months ago. We have a regular congregation of 200 adults and children, but the last number of weeks up to 230 are coming out, with new people visiting for the first time each week.

News is spreading and people are coming to hear the gospel, pure and undiluted and untainted with doctrines of prosperity. This land is full of disillusioned people who at times wanted to follow the Lord, but were mislead by false teachings, and are scattered as sheep without a shepherd, not knowing who to trust or turn to. There is so much corruption within the churches of every denomination. Please continue to pray for our church, its growth and protection and above all, for the Holy Spirit to move. This land is full as darkness, dressed as light, and how great then is that darkness. In the new year we are planning open air rallies in town and a tent mission, so do please pray for these outreaches and for the Lord to break through the empty religiosity in this land. We cannot do it without the Holy Spirit and are seeking His face.

The work is continuing to grow, we have a general Bible study on Wednesdays, structured Bible classes on Monday and Wednesday, upon which after completing a short course, people can receive a free bible. We work in association with the Bible League for this. There is prayer meeting on a Thursday and on Sundays a youth and mens and women's fellowship meet. A choir is due to start in January, and we are very grateful for the donated instruments for use when a container are able to be sent out. At present we are undergoing the lengthly process of applying for a full tax waiver for a container which takes considerable time. What started as sanctuary staff morning devotions each morning between Monday to Friday has also seen many church members attending now and these are turning into well attended meetings.

We had our Christmas nativity on Sunday past and praise God for a good attendance to it.


Last Saturday we had 220 children out for our combined Sunday School and Saturday club Christmas party.. I don't think We have ever seen so many sausages in one room!




The clinical work is continuing as always to flourish and develop. Many patients are coming and recieve life changing and life saving medication and treatment every week here. The main area of new growth is seen within the orthopaedic technical department. We are delighted to be able to fabricate a wide range of orthotics for the disabled following Moses's the Orthopaedic Technologist's move into a permanent position at the Sanctuary some months ago. Children and adults are coming from all over central province to Nyeri for this service, which is simply just not accessible any where else without extortionate costs. Each afternoon a short service takes place and patients are prayed with, and many have came to the Lord through coming for treatment.






The foundations are now in for the large workshop for the orthopaedic technologist workstation and sanctuary artist workshop at the rear of the compound. The work is progressing well, although there is much to be done over the next year. The new outbuilding of offices and disabled classroom/day care room and guards house is now completed and finishings are done. The ground and gardens have been landscaped and plastering is now taking place of new walls and steps. Purchase of new land next door is still ongoing and we are excited at what the Lord is going to do there.


The 8 mothers of disabled children employed in our workshop have also had a busy time preparing our first Christmas ever line of products. I am sure any who see them will agree they look absolutely fantastic and the women and I are really pleased with them! Products include Christmas cards, tree hangings and notelet gift sets. The range has all been made using our own paper product in varieties of banana leaf paper, sugarcane paper, eucalyptus tree paper and also our fantastic coloured rag paper! The bright coloured paper made from old cotton rags mixed with the natural vegetation tones work beautifully together. We hope to raise between two and three thousand pounds through the products while supporting 8 families.



For any interested in purchasing the products please see pricing please see Kenya desk.

The cardboard chairs and standing frames have been very successful here... instead of disabled children lying on a old mattress or floor.. they are up sitting upright, looking around them.. supported posturally to minimise deformity, feeding better, breathing better, using their hands better.. and above all, sitting with their families for the first time, which is so important to enhance their quality of life. We continue to have a waiting list now of around 50 chairs to be made so please continue to support this worthy cause. One little boy Mureithi we brought a chair to a few weeks ago simply laid in a bed all day long, biting his hands.. he now sits up in his chair out in the fresh air while mum works outside, and engages with those around him. Truly wonderful!

Well we hope to see you all very soon over the Christmas break, and let us take the opportunity to one again thank you all, we are so grateful for your prayers and love and support.

We are especially thinking about James and Lauren McCreesh preparing to leave for Ethiopia in the new year. It will be a challenging time for them initially leaving the UK but we will be delighted to have another wee Whitewell family on the same continent as ourselves! What an exciting leap of faith and wonderful opportunity to further Gods work in Africa. The Lord bless them and the people who give so freely at Whitewell and to God be all the glory!

''I have but one passion: It is He, it is He alone. The world is the field and the field is the world; and henceforth that country shall be my home where I can be most used in winning souls for Christ." — Count Nicolaus Ludwig von Zinzendorf

Jolene Allen

Metropolitan Sanctuary for
Sick and Disabled Children
Nyeri, Kenya