Kenya Update October 2011

We were privileged to distribute another 7 tonnes of maize and beans to two different regions and tribal areas of Isiolo. 

This area is very dry and the people have suffered greatly here. The first distribution of the day was to the Turkana tribe. Here 600 families were fed with a good supply of food and were shown the love of Christ in a practical way.

Jason preached a word on blind Bartameus and 5 souls gave their lives to Christ. We thank God for His lovely work, which makes this all so worthwhile... The food will run out, but to know that people have received the bread of life that they will live on forever is priceless and so encouraging to us as we do this work.

The second part of the day was to the Birana tribe. They were all muslim, so it was a wonderful opportunity to share the gospel with them. Unfortunatley, due to running short on time and with potential problems driving home at night in the dark, we were unable to preach a full sermon. However Jason was able to lift up the name of Jesus and tell them who He was, what He did and why we were here to show them His love. Please do pray that the small seed that has been planted in their hearts will flourish and bear fruit. The food that was distributed here was enough to divide among the families for the three villages this tribe lived in.

Once again, we would like to thank those who donated so freely to enabling this work in Jesus name.


New Tabernacle in Kenya

Today was such an exciting day in church! It was our first service in our new 200 seater tent! We were pleased that we had outgrown our first church hall after just two months -  a great problem, but it meant people were having to sit outside in the sun to hear the word. We thank the Lord in his faithfulness to the work and we are also thankful for our home church - the Metropolitan Tabernacle in Belfast, which heard the call and responded by funding this wonderful new tent! 

And today God has filled it - we had around 200 people come today!! The Lord’s presence was wonderful and it was just a thrill to be in His presence and break bread and hear His word. To God be all the glory! We are excited about the future work in this tabernacle, and are expecting the Lord to do a lovely work in this area. In the last month we have had 75 people saved at distributions and have had 8 come to Christ in the Church and Sanctuary, it is just wonderful to see God move like this!


The worship team in Kenya


We also had over 100 children at our Sunday School


Doldol Famine Aid Camp

Today has been just amazing!! I am still buzzing as I recant it to write this one night later! It has been one of those days where the Lord comes in such a real and tangible way, that touches you to your very core. Days like these make everything so worthwhile - it puts a spring into your step and a skip into your heart! I don’t think any of us will forget in a hurry! 

We met up with a community of 630 families in the interior of Doldol on our fourth and final famine relief aid camp (in this current project), with 7 tonnes of maize. It took four hours each way driving at Jason speed (hold onto your seatbelt), two of which was off road up desert and dusty hills. The land  was so barren and dry, all we saw were cactuses and thorny bushes. Occasionally there were green forest in parts and around here we met some zebras and giraffe, elephants and elands. This kept the boys happy, but apart from the wildlife there were very few people and places.

We were with Massai tribe here, such lovely humble people who do everything decently and in order when we work with them. Jason preached on the value of the soul, Mark ch 8 v 36-37 and we are amazed at what the Lord did, about 54 souls came forward to give their hearts to Jesus. We worshipped together with them and the Lords presence was so real - Hallelujah being sang, wonderful how it is the same in each language! To worship with people who speak in a different language together with one heart. I cannot explain how it is or even what happens,  but it is something wonderful, perhaps it may be a glimpse of what heaven may be like, where every tribe and tongue will gather around the throne! What a wonderful day with wonderful people, we are so humbled by their joy and peace, when they struggle to find food and survive.

We have directed the converts to the pastors we have been working with at each camp and now we hope to source and supply bibles in Massai for the churches. It is usually just the pastors who have the bibles and people here are hungry for the word. Although many can read, they simply cannot afford any reading material. One pastor here in Doldol is holding classes for adults who cannot read, to learn so thy can read their own bibles. This is a wonderful work and we were privileged to be with these people today. We would like to sincerely thank all of those who have gave so freely to this famine aid project - we know the Lord will bless you in your giving.


Yours in Christ.

Jason, Jolene, Jude and Jaden

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